Our Story

Welcome to BAR JAK. I’m Sam, the creator of the BAR JAK.

After looking for a jacking device to help with my lifting sessions, I realised I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

The first thing that hit me was how impractical and un-affordable the products on the market were. I was looking for something that I could throw in my bag or leave in the car without it being bulky or taking up too much room.

Something that would fit easily in the gym where space is at a premium. Something better than what was on offer.

BAR JAK is a compact, robust, light weight practical piece of equipment. And on top of that, it’s at an affordable price compared to other products on the market, making it the right choice for lifters and gyms alike!

Each BAR JAK is CNC cut locally, inspected and proudly hand finished in Somerset.