Raising The Bar For Your Workout

The ultimate gym accessory that packs small but plays BIG. Allows you to train HARDER for LONGER and helps to prevent injuries whilst deadlifting at the gym or at home.

Prevent Injuries When Deadlifting

Loading the barbell for deadlifts can be exhausting. As simple as it may sound, if done incorrectly it can leave you with some serious back problems which can knock you off course with your training for a good few months. Do you really want to risk it?  


With most of your time spent struggling to add/remove weight plates from the bar, you are wasting huge amounts of energy. The BAR JAK makes it super easy to add and remove weight with ZERO struggle whatsoever so that you can save more energy for the work that matters. #WORKSMART 

Ultra Lightweight, Durable & Portable

At 30mm thick and weighing in at only 1.3Kg/2.86lbs The Bar Jak is extremely lightweight and portable. It can fit in almost every gym bag on the market allowing you to carry it with you to every gym session wherever you go. Worried it won’t fit in your bag? Leave it in the boot of your car. #NOEXCUSES

Proudly Designed & Manufactured in 🇬🇧


Such a great compact barbell jack! I was after something lightweight and easy to use, it's always hard to know how good something will be when you see it flash up on the internet. I'm really happy it's just what i was after.. lightweight compact and strong! 100% recommend.
Michael Bishop
I was on the hunt for a compact barbell jack for my home gym, saw the Bar Jak on instagram and thought i'd go for it.. genuinely so happy i did, absolute game changer! 10 out of 10 🙂
Sophie Birtwistle
Absolute game changer! Genius idea, helps me no end! I love how easy it is to use and that it takes up such little space in the gym. Great addition for me! 🙂
Louise Hawkins
Adaptive Athlete