How To Use Guide:

REMEMBER: The BAR JAK can only be used on one side at a time and is compatible with the standard 25-29mm barbells

Step 1.

Position BAR JAK close to the inside edge of the barbell sleeve and ensure bar is securely in the mouth of the BAR JAK

Step 2.

Pull the BAR JAK towards you keeping one hand on top of the plates to support and guide you through the movement. 

Step 3.

Once you have pulled the BAR JAK back all the way it will be very stable so that you can add and remove weight plates effortlessly.

Ready To Raise The Bar For Your Workouts?

✅ Prevent injuries when loading & unloading the bar. ✅ Train harder for longer. ✅ Carry it with you everywhere. ✅ Hit more PB’s